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Welcome to the DiGiTAL PRiNCiPAL

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#APrincipalsDay Hashtag via @Don_Jacobs

Yesterday I discovered a posting on Instagram from my good friend Melinda Miller (@mmiller7571):  I thought this would be a fantastic way to showcase what day in the life of a principal was like. Of course the tweets and photos would only reflect the BEST parts of the...

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What I didn’t expect in 2014

I haven’t written on this blog since the summer months and wanted to take the time to explain why. This last year… or at least the last several months… didn’t shape up the way I expected with my campus or dissertation or my family life. I was...

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Principals are People Too

After reading several of my PLNs blog posts on this topic, I decided to add my voice into the mix as well. I’ve just completed my first year as a campus principal. It’s been said that “nothing could’ve prepared me for this challenge.” But...

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