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About Me

Don Jacobs, Lead Learner & Principal
Anita Scott Elementary
Royse City ISD


Dare to Be Different,
Push the Limits


Share Ideas & Resources
on a Global Scale


Celebrate Successes & Failures, Provide Support

My name is Don Jacobs and I currently serve as a Principal for Anita Scott Elementary in Royse City ISD, Texas. This is a PreK-4 campus and I’m honored to serve the students of Royse City each day.

I started the hashtag #rcisdchat for the purpose of showing our district administrators the power of Twitter. Now the #rcisdchat hashtag is used to share district news and information.

I’m also a doctoral student of Dallas Baptist University studying Educational Leadership K-12. My dissertation topic is regarding Technology Leadership and its impact on classroom instruction.

Passions are those things in life “that you find so important that you’re willing to put in the time, suffer the inevitable setbacks, and make the necessary scarifies” (Kouzes and Posner, 2007, p. 113). I love the teaching and learning process. I don’t know which I enjoy more – being the teacher or the learner. But then again, a good teacher never stops learning.

Regardless, I am passionate about education and sharing what I have learned with others gives me great joy…which is WHY I started this website. I see myself as a teacher of teachers and I believe students learn best when they are engaged and using current technology in the learning process. I help teachers develop lessons using technology where students are participating in classroom blogs, creating videos about their favorite subject in school, or Skyping with other students who are learning the same subject material.

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