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My Verse

What Will Your Verse Be?

Everyday, I have the pleasure and opportunity to help shape and model other people. I am first and foremost a teacher! To use an idea from Angela Maiers — my classroom isn’t a traditional classroom and my students are not traditional students, but I teach everyday and I love doing it. My “students” are teachers, parents, community members, other colleagues… and sometimes kids.

I teach because I’m filled with a PASSION to love, care, support, and empower others. The purpose of this website is a platform for me to share innovative ideas, collaborate on a global scale, and empower other people.

As you work, play, learn, and enjoy life… remember that you have purpose. Your life matters to others. Everyday you give to others by your thoughts, words, and deeds. You contribute to others around you. Contribute a Verse to this play called Life!

What will your verse be?