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Why does it seem like going back to school in August is so nutty? It’s so busy…you’re getting prepared for teachers to come back, organizing the various programs and activities for the school, getting students registered for classes, checking and re-checking schedules and student lists, organizing textbooks and new technology that has been added to the campus over the summer, updating district forms and ensuring our campus is complying with new policies, meeting with parent/community organizations and outlining your goals and objectives of the school year…and then finally the teachers begin their first week back and we continue our busy schedules with staff development, getting teachers their classroom keys, moving boxes from one class to another, getting teachers classroom materials and anything they need for their classes, and the list continues….and then the students arrive…do I really need to continue?

Still, with all these “to-do” items to accomplish, it’s great to see students from the previous year and meet the new faces I’ll have the privilege to work with.  My favorite thing about being an administrator is the ability to continue working with students from the previous year.  I can continue helping students be successful and support my parents from previous year.  Just today, I spoke to a parent about their child’s struggles in the classroom, so we scheduled a meeting to discuss the situation further.  When we do meet, we won’t have to worry about building trust and reviewing the family history because I already have a positive working relationship with the student and parent.  I’ve never had an opportunity like this has a classroom teacher, so I’m exciting to see what we can do during this year with the student!

Even though the start of another school year can be very busy, it’s moments like these I look forward to the most!