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The alarm goes off at 4:30am this morning. I hit the snooze button cause it feels like to just fell asleep…

But then I remember why I was getting up so early. I needed to catch a plane to Washington DC! My doctoral cohort and I were flying out to visit our Capitol to learn about education from a national perspective. Included in this trip we are to be examining the learning and developing of humans so we could apply it to our experience.

DBU Cohort 1

So here we all are at DFW airport in our red DBU Doctoral polos and ready to go. We are landing in DC in the afternoon, having lunch at Union Station, and staying at the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU).

I will be using this an my official journal for the experience and will be submitting my notes for a grade in class. Be sure to follow our activities and learning from this experience in this blog.