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Have you ever been in a meeting and had an A HA moment?

So I’m in a meeting with our amazing Curriculum Diva (@CurriculumDiva) and she became to explain the three types of students in a classroom. She begans to explain…

The first type of student can be described as a little medicine cup. The second type are regular sized cups like a coffee cup. The final type of student are “Route 44’s” or “Big Gulps”.

As teachers teach, the first group of students (the medicine cups) get their minds filled very quickly … perhaps in the first 10 minutes or so. As stated by the Curriculum Diva, “There cup runneth over.” After this time, the students don’t pick up the rest of the teacher’s lesson.Medicine Cups

The second group of students (the coffee cups) can general hang in there for most of the lesson. A few will need to reteaching, but will get it after the second time. The third group (the “Big Gulps”) could continue listening to the teacher until the school day as over and into the evening hours.

According to this description, we have to continue teaching concepts and material over and over and in smaller chucks for the medicine cups kiddos to get it. Frequently, I see students with special needs who need this type of approach where their instruction is given to them in smaller chucks and change activities every few minutes to be successful.

I love using Word Pictures to explain concepts to other people. This is a simple and excellent way to help our teachers understand different types of learners. Thanks @CurriculumDiva for this great example! I’m so excited we have you in our district serving our schools.