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Lincoln Memorial

Lunch at Union Station was amazing! I had a Chicken Pot Pie from a place called Dangerously Delicious Pies and it was a life changing experience…well not really be still it was very good. If you are in the DC area is this a must stop place.

CCCU has a campus here in DC where we are all having our classes and the two classes we are taking during this trip are Learning and Development Theories & National Policy  Studies. We eat, sleep, and have class in this facility. Dr. McLaughlin…our professor for Learning and Development…was the first to present during this trip, so discussed “adaptive transfer” from How People Learn.

How can teachers know if students are learning? If they can do this… think on their own. This is the basis of adaptive transferring. It’s the ability for a student to take knowledge and apply it in a new concept or situation. Teachers can foster this within students by allowing them to explore and create in their classrooms.

In my school district, Royse City ISD, our elementary teachers will be using a different kind of center activities called Think Tanks. This system has four different elements to them including Reading, Writing, Creating, and Extension. The teachers are excited about these activities because it allows students to create meaning with their learning. Students will be able to take ownership and apply their learning.

National Monument

Also included in this discussion was three key points that supported adaptive transfer: prior knowledge, metacognition, and deep understanding. Prior knowledge is determining what students bring into the learning experience. This can include their cultural background, previous experiences, and whatever misconceptions they may have about the learning concept. Successful teachers help students build experiences in the classroom to have a new knowledge base.

Metacognition is helping students monitor what they do know verses what they do not know. Teachers can help support students in this by modeling think alouds and asking students to explain what they are thinking.

Finally, is the developing a deep understanding of the content which problem based learning activities is one example. Currently I’m reading Rethinking Education with is a conversation between Daniel Goleman and George Lucas. This is a great discussion about how schools can use Project Based Learning in the learning process.

Vietnam Memorial

After class, we toured the national monuments including the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Martin Luther King Memorial, and the Iwo Jima Memorial. I loved visiting the Vietnam Memorial by the Lincoln Memorial. I was able to see the Harry H Herndon‘s name is the stone. I was amazing to see this individual’s name in the stone because of my connection I have with this person now. We have his high school yearbooks, letterman’s jacket, football jersey, class photos, medal of honor, class ring and more. I was an overwhelming experience to his name is the stone. I am honored to serve at Herndon Intermediate in last four years.