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This video was developed by two individuals by the names of Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod.  They collaborated on a project know as Shift Happens and titled the video “Did You Know?” in order to encourage 21st Century learning in our educational systems.  There are four versions of this video available, and I will address the first one I experienced as a teacher.

I was first introduce to these videos with version 2.0 at a new teacher in-service in Rockwall ISD.  It was part of the Phil Schlechty’s Working on the Work or W.O.W. framework district workshop.  At first, I thought the 2.0 in the title referred to Web 2.0, and it wasn’t until later that I discovered it was the second version of this video (you can find the first version HERE).  Even thought this isn’t the latest and greatest version, I like this video because I believe it speaks to those individuals who may not be deep into educational technology and speaks to a broader audience.

So what do you think?  What are our students doing in schools?  How are we helping our students become literate in 21st century?   Are we providing the resources and training necessary to prepare students to be successful in 21st century society?  Now that we know all this, what changes should be made to current education legislation? Leave answers in the comments section.