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  1. #rcisdchat twitter allows instant access to real time info – it empowers EVERYONE and eliminates barriers to conversations Raise your voice
  2. I will be sharing a video interview by @NMHS_Principal with my presentation today. Here are my notes… #rcisdchat
  3. @Don_Jacobs @RoyseCityISD #rcisdchat Hi from Nashville-twitter connects you to great educators around the world- ultimate, personal PD
  4. It’s great to be able to connect with ideas and leaders even when you are not in the same room @Don_Jacobs #rcisdchat @TEPSAtalk
  5. @Don_Jacobs #rcisdchat No simpler way to find real classroom proven ideas for my K-3 teachers. 5 min. per/day is half hour PD week!
  6. #rcisdchat best PLN and constant channel of new learning – find your favorite hashtags!
  7. @Don_Jacobs twitter has allowed me to develop a PLN with some of the most innovative teachers in America. My 1st source for PD. #rcisdchat
  8. I love using twitter to “get the word out” to ALL stakeholders about our amazing library! #rcisdchat
  9. #rcisdchat frm @Joesanfelippofc twitter gives real time connection with leaders in the field.Amazing place to learn and be pushed to improve
  10. I’m continually amazed at the level of sharing and collaboration possible via twitter. #rcisdchat
  11. My PLN keeps me up to date, on my toes and they challenge me to be better. BEST PD EVER!! #rcisdchat
  12. @Don_Jacobs Twitter is a source of inspiration, a place for support and way to share what is happening on your school. #rcisdchat
  13. @Don_Jacobs I use Twitter to connect with educators around the world who are learners just like me! It’s the best PD ever! #rcisdchat
  14. #rcisdchat RT @mmiller7571: I can seek help on twitter and get feedback sometimes quicker than to call someone and wait for call back
  15. #rcisdchat I use to twitter to connect with educators from around the world who help me with class projects & give me ideas and new insights
  16. @Don_Jacobs I love it because I can get answers when I need it from great educators across the country! #rcisdchat
  17. #rcisdchat I can also follow celebrities and NASCAR drivers but that might not be what @Don_Jacobs wants me to say:)
  18. #rcisdchat I love the connections, the support, and the constant availability tht Twitter offers! Smartest one in the room IS the room!
  19. @Don_Jacobs I LOVE using twitter because it is my own PD at my own pace.. And the connections! #rcisdchat
  20. @Don_Jacobs #rcisdchat I love Twitter because I can learn new things from knowledgeable people at a time and place convenient to me!
  21. @Don_Jacobs One exciting use of Twitter: Social Media Experiment: Brain & Learning; Formative Assessment… #rcisdchat
  22. @Don_Jacobs Twitter = my lab, signal flag, newspaper, jukebox, Ouija brd, tech support, crayon box, classrm, dinner party, river. #rcisdchat
  23. @Don_Jacobs Twitter has allowed me to make connections, friends, and learn so much more than I would have without it. #rcisdchat
  24. @Don_Jacobs #rcisdchat – It’s like having my own personal research assistant. It’s all about who you follow.
  25. @Don_Jacobs Twitter makes it extremely easy to find the resource you need and make connections globally. #rcisdchat
  26. @Don_Jacobs I like it because it is quick and to the point. You do not have to look at a ton of “fluff”! #rcisdchat
  27. I <3 Twitter bc it expands my colleagues, knowledge, and resources exponentially. #rcisdchat @Don_Jacobs
  28. @Don_Jacobs Twitter allows me to globally collaborate real time with some of the smartest minds in education. #rcisdchat
  29. @don_jacobs OK, I’m done now. Twitter is so valuable it’s hard to fit the value of it into just one Tweet! (For me anyway!) #rcisdchat
  30. @don_jacobs I now have a network of people to reach out to when I have a question; it is rare that I don’t get a response! #rcisdchat
  31. @don_jacobs I have grown professionally more in my four years on Twitter than in all PD combined in the 15 years prior. #rcisdchat
  32. @don_jacobs Twitter has connected me to dedicated educators around the globe. I constantly learn from and with them. #rcisdchat
  33. @Don_Jacobs parents like the convience of knowing what we are doing in class #rcisdchat
  34. @Don_Jacobs I like it because I can quickly let my parents know what we are doing in class. They can easily find out. No paper. #rcisdchat
  35. @Don_Jacobs Twitter makes is easy to send out reminders about events etc. to my students. Now to get them to follow me… #rcisdchat
  36. @Don_Jacobs I love Twitter bc I can connect w like minded educators. I’m the only me in my district Twitter helps me collaborate #rcisdchat