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I’m starting this blog post in a hotel at the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) conference in Austin, TX. I’m learning a great deal about education and technology that I would like to share with my teachers back in Royse City. So I’ve starting this blog in hopes to share the things I’m learning in reference to technology…current educational trends…leadership…basically anything I’m passionate about.

Kids, kids, and kids! I really enjoy working with kids, but I also enjoy adult education. I love the “aha moments” that teachers have when they learn something new…just as mush as I love those moments with students. I also believe that if a teacher learns something new and loves it, they will use their new knowledge in the classroom with students where in matters the most.

I know I will never be the next Tammy Worcester, Wes Fryer, Scott Elias, or Melinda Miller (by the way, these are my heroes in education). But I want to join the conversations about these topics and continue to learn for myself.